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Shadbase is a web portal which shows explicit content on the internet. It is a web-based comic platform. The website is run by Shaddai Prejean who is as Indian.

Shadbase has a webcomic, gallery of his arts, shad base category which have the best content of shaman. The website also has a web forum and video gallery. The website runs on WordPress with comicpress.

He is also known as shadman and have a twitter account by the name of shadman.

Shadbase was started in July 2009, when shadman created an account of Newsground which is an entertainment website.

Shadman was sharing his awesome content of artwork on the platform until he decided to launch his own web portal on fifteen of October.


Shadman is usually described or identified with a skull mask or skull covering. Their website logo is also made of a skull.


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The website global has a ranking of 1573 and united states ranking of 645 and Monthly Visits of 24.50M With Avg. Visit Duration of 00:02:49 as on august 2019.

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Shadbase youtube

Shadman didn’t stop her with his content he also started his youtube channel in March 2010. On shadman youtube channel he was constantly providing his subscribers with speed drawing videos or animated videos. They have more than 296k subscribers as on august 2019

They also received a silver play button from youtube on August 14,2017 when they crossed 100k subscribers on youtube.


Shaddai Prejean started his facebook page by the name of shadbase and getting 323,900 likes and 331,976 followers.


Shadman twitter was launched in January 2013 by the username of shadbase having more than 519.1K on August 2019.

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Their Instagram profile is by the name of shadbase_ig

ON June 7 2017, they posted their first photo on Instagram. They now have more than 391k followers and 705 as on august 2019.


Shadman twitchtv user name is shadbaseMurderTV where they share their video content for the user.


Shadman has a username of shaman on steam. They have 26853 members as on august 2019.

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