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Jab we met HD full movie leaked online by Todaypk and 9xrockers.
Jab we met HD full movie

What does Jab We Met mean?

Jab we met is an Indian romantic film. It is a complete package film of romance and comedy. The movie jab we met was released on 19 October 2007.  The story of the movie “jab we met” was written by Imtiaz Ali. The music of the movie is given by Pritam. The running time of the movie is 142 min.

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The cast of Jab we met

Kareena Kapoor 

Shahid Kapoor 

Dara Singh 

Saumya Tandon 

Kiran Juneja 

Brijendra Kala 

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About the movie

The story of the movie jab we met is about a Punjabi girl who is sent off track when she bumps into a depressed Mumbai businessman on an overnight train to Delhi.

The IMDB rating of the movie “jab we met” is 7.9 out of 10 and makes a box office of the estimated 71 crores. The film became a hit in the Indian box office. Also, the distributor of the film announced that the film would be remade in four different languages. The movie Jab we met is one of the most romantic films in the Bollywood industry. Jab we met is one of the best success stories throughout the Bollywood cinema.

Story of the movie Jab we met

The story of the movie starts with Aditya Kashyap. He is a businessman who faces many problems in their business and in their personal life. Aditya Kashyap seems depressed and suicidal. He is also in depression because his fiancee ditches him and marries someone else. On the train, he meets geet. She is an energetic, talkative Punjabi Sikh girl and going home to her residence in Bhatinda. Aditya was so lost in his thoughts that he tries to jump from the train but geet stop him. Aditya finds geet irritating and he shouts on her.

To get some relief from geet, he boards a bus. Then, geet also decides to follow him only to end up missing her train. After that, Aditya agree to help geet. He drives a taxi at a very fast speed to the next train station where the train was to stop next. However, geet miss the train again.

Later on, Aditya starts to feel good about life and start to have fun with her. Geet takes Aditya to her home in Bhatinda where her family is very thankful to him. Geet introduces Aditya to her family and to her fiance Manjeet Singh. When geet’s grandfather seems them both together, he thought that both of them were a couple but no one believes this. Later on, Aditya fall in love with geet but he is unaware that geet loves Anshuman. Geet does not want to marry Manjeet, as she loves Anshuman, so she uses Aditya to run away from home. Then, both of them go to Manali where Anshuman lives. Geet requests Aditya to come with her and meet Anshuman, but he says that their journey ends here.

End of the story Jab we met

After seeing this geet’s uncle gets angry and goes to Aditya’s company to confront him. He told geet’s uncle that geet is not with him but he knows that she is fine but actually he is not aware of the condition of geet. He thought that geet is with Anshuman but when he meets him he discovers that Anshuman had rejected geet.

Later in Jab we met, Aditya goes to Shimla where he is shocked to see geet as a depressed and quiet school teacher. She lost her bubbly and energetic character. Then on Aditya’s suggestion, he called Anshuman. Anshuman feels guilty and asks her to consider getting back together. Geet is a little bit confused so she takes Aditya’s opinion and patches up with Anshuman. Aditya then brings geet back to their home Bhatinda as he promised to her uncle. Aditya took Anshuman with him as his friend. But on their arrival, Geet and Aditya are welcomed as a couple due to misunderstanding as they were eloping together. All the rituals are performed with Aditya. Their wedding preparation starts.

On the next day, Aditya chooses to leave from there as he still thinks that geet loves Anshuman and she will tell her family about this. After some time, geet realize that she loves Aditya and then she runs away from the field to find him. Then, they get married and have two daughters. The movie ends with Geet’s grandfather narrating the story to Aditya’s twin daughters and revealing them that he knew that they loved each other since the first day.

That was the story all about and also another fact is that the movie has amazing songs. Jab we met is a complete romantic film. The film Jab we met is the hit in the Indian box office.

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