Get rid of a dead rat and dead rat smell in the easiest way.

The dead rat problem is much bigger than you thought. A dead rat not only gives you a bad and pathetic smell but comes with a lot of viruses. The worst part is to spot the dead rat. We suggest you call a rodent control service.

But If you want to handle the situation yourself we are here to HELP. We will give full steps of tips and tricks to find, dispose and get rid of the dead rat smell.

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dead rat

What to Do When You Find a Dead Rat?

We have made the easiest 3 steps guide to get rid of a dead rat without any risk of infection and smell left. The steps are as follows:


Get ready with your gears

You need to do this with a little precaution. You’ll need some tools and products you can easily find at your home. We suggest you to this as Rats carry so many diseases compared to any other animal. The worst part is these diseases and infection increase in a dead rat. There are many chemical reactions going in dead animals.

The dead rat not only spreads the virus if someone touches rat but may leave air born diseases if the mouse was dead from a long period. We have to take extra precautions.

You’ll need

  • A pair of gloves so that any virus doesn’t touch your hands.
  • A face mask to protect from air-born diseases ( Optional).
  • 2 – 3 zip logs bags as there can be multiple rats at the same spots.
  • Prepare a 1 part bleach and 9 part water solution to clean the place with a tissue or paper towel. You can use any other disinfector if you have.
  • Sealable garbage bag.


Find the dead rat

If you know where the rat is you can leave this step but if you don’t your maybe your nose is in trouble. To find a dead rat is the worst part of this task. You can look for the presence of flies, Beatles and other insects, The dead mouse is near the spot. You are in difficulty if you didn’t find the rat it means this is the case of the dead rat in a wall.

Now there is only one and only one option that is sniff and locate. YESS you have to smell the rat one last time. If the dead rat is at the crime scene from weeks that it may be easy to find it but if you identified it early you are lucky. A rat smell could haunt you for weeks.


Get rid of the dead rat

You found the problem now its time to get rid of it. Be sure to wear your mask and gloves. Now grab the mouse with a tissue paper and put it in the sealable bag. After that put the bag and gloves in the garbage bag and put it in the garbage box. That’s it you are done!! But now You have to do the main part of the whole removing smell and disinfecting the place.

After throwing the rat use the bleach or any disinfection liquid to clean the whole place with a paper towel. You can use a fresh set of gloves for this process. The virus and infection may be cleaned by this but now it’s for the smell.

How to get rid of dead rat smell?

  • Remove anything which absorbs smell like rugs, mats or fabric.
  • Use a room freshener and spray it all over.
  • If the area is small put coffee over it as it will absorb all the smell.
  • Make a vinegar + water solution and spray it all over.
  • Start your fans and remove the window open for some time.

Tips after getting rid of the dead rat?

Rats follow a social culture which means they live together which means you can get more rats coming your way. Here are some tips to help you avoid this chaos in the future.

  • Cut trees branch touching your home so rats cant come your home climbing the trees.
  • Try to fix your doors and windows in order to stop small rats entering.
  • Use a rat trap always.
  • Cover all the rain gutters near your house.
  • Use a strong garbage box so rats cant enter into it.
  • Make sure to cover any holes in your home.

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How to get rid of dead rat?

Frequently asked questions.

What if I can’t find the dead rat?

This is the worst case you can Imagine as you may need to cut your wall or tile in order to get there. We suggest you contact a professional.

How long does a dead rat smell?

A dead rat can smell after 1 day of full decomposition of the body. The decomposition of the body depends upon the size of the rat, Heat and humidity in the air.

Where can I find the rat?

Generally, the rat are very small and can hide anywhere you have to sniff and find the rat if you are getting rid of it on your own.

What are the types of a rat?

  • Norway rats
  • Packrats
  • Root rats

What to do if a rat died in your wall?

You may need to cut the wall piece and get it repaired if you want to get rid of a rat on your own. We suggest you contact a professional who can get rid of the dead rat.

How long does it take for a dead rat to start smelling?

Dead rats can start smelling in 4 -5 hrs till proper decomposition.

What does a dead rat smell like?

Dead rats smell like anything worst you can Imagine. The smell has mix of various chemical reactions.

Why do rats hide?

Whenever rats find they are going to die the hide themself in a very isolated and hidden place.

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