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Fabswingers is a web portal known as the largest portal for meeting people on the internet. Fabswingers connects all the people wanting adventure.

Fabswingers allows the people on their platform to book meeting and dates with couples or individuals. The famous platform gets more than a hundred thousand registrations daily.


Fabswingers allows all user to post photos and videos freely. They designed their platform in a way to do a meeting between couples and singles.

The community created by fabswingers is one of the most active and quick responding community on the internet. The chat and video calls take call almost every second. The majority of members are male but you can see users online almost every time of the day.


The website has most used within the age of 20 and 30 which is a quite young and good audience for a site. Fabswinger is almost taking down tinder in the game.

Fabswingers currently offer users from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zeland, UK and US.


There is basically two types of membership available singles and couples. Any user no matter single or couples can message each other any time. The single account is run by a single person or individual whereas couple account is run by two people no matter their gender.


Fabswingers offers its services free of cost and making doesn’t take a lot of time. The creators of the platform want to make it free and fast that is they were cable of doing. Fabswingers are limited in terms of the reach of countries but they are trying their level best to make it reach on a global level.


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Offering by FabSwingers

Compatibility test:

Fabswingers run a specific test for compatibility of you and other profiles. This feature shows the user the best fit and match according to your profile and interest.

Panning meetup to the mark:

Fabswingers have a particular system which says meet today. This feature tries to guides everyone to get the best experience which leads to an increase in the experience rate of the website.

This helps a user in getting the desired fulfilled faster. Fabswingers is considered to have a long signup process and we will help you in that in this article.


Fabswingers every profile is different just to get a perfect match and users or profiles don’t seem to be fake.

You can get to know each other from the feature called chatting or messaging. You can also search for the username of a person or choose from your interest you can even call someone through the website.

Perfect profile:

Fabswingers every profile is different just to get a perfect match and users or profiles don’t seem to be fake.

Safety is on top priority:

The website is protected by a hacker and use https which is the secure form of a website. The data between two users is not leaked to hackers or intentionally to someone. The data is super personal within the company unless a user chooses to show their information to everyone. They promise discretion free sharing of content or information between every user in the chat.

Easy usage compared to other dating sites:

Fabswingers website has been created by taking time ad efforts. The website is designed in such a way that even the people using dating sites for the first time can access without any problem. The website has all the feature arranged in a systematic way so that users can access them with ease. A user doesn’t have to use logic and mind to operate the website it can be accessed by a toddler also. (Designed in such a way but not created for them as age restriction apply).

 fab swingers

The most important feature of a site “CHATING”:

The most important feature for a site is chat. The chat feature allows a user to know about the partner whom he would date. They can get to know their likes, dislikes, hobbies and much more.

The one feature we think fabswingers have compared to other site is calling and video chat feature which takes the game to a whole new level. Their chatroom is fast the message is shared instantly and through our review, we found out the video quality was also good.

Deleting fraud or fake accounts:

Fabswingers is one dating site where accounts are manually checked. They don’t work like other dating sites out there. The website uses a deep checking process for a profile including verification through photo also. The account is visible once the verification is done properly. This feature improves the trust of a user and also the user doesn’t waste their time with the fake profile which leads to a poor experience.

Sharing of videos and photos freely:

Fabswingers allows you to post video and photo or even albums without any cost or restriction. It is just like a social media post its that easy. You can even delete your images and photo. You just need to make your profile stronger for chances of a better date.

Browsing through mobile:

Fabswingers is designed in such a way that it works best on the smartphone. Fabswingers don’t have an app in both ios and android but soon coming with it.

They now currently have an optimized web page for mobile which let the user browse the website on the go. It means that you can update your data with your smartphone you even chat through the mobile.

Get to know more people:

Get to know people across the world or from different area You can sort other profiles from far to near or near to far distance. You will the same interaction and connection with every date you like.

You can make a connection with any user you decide according to your search preference which includes distance also. We suggest you connect to people near you this will just help you with meeting or going on a date out.


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Advantages of using fabswingers:

Fabswingers have many advantages compared to other dating sites here are some we found out:

Large User Base to make dating worthwhile:

Fabswingers is one of the largest dating sites. You can find people online of your interest almost every time of the day. You can filter through our preferences and the category for searching in the portal is appreciable.

Economical application

Fabswingers is very cost-effective compared to other dating sites out there. You Can make your profile without any cost it’s just free to make a profile in fabswingers this is one of the main reason for the scalability of fabswingers among all.

gay fabswingers

Disadvantages of using Fabswingers:

We also found out some disadvantages of Fabswingers which are subjective but we listed them for you.

The success rate for a date is very low:

Events and dates are less as compared to other sites. A user talks to many but got out on a date with few or none. This leads to fewer communications and low success rate on the website.

The UI and design of the website are different:

User experience and design are a little difficult to understand and the basic look of the website is disliked by some. Again this is subjective but we found out it to be difficult.

Identity Hide feature:

User can hide the identity if he wants. This makes other users uncomfortable about their profile and starts having trust issues. This feature makes the profile image blank in group chats and profiles. Which may seem to be a fake profile sometimes.



Fabswingers offers a ton of cool features some of them are as follows.

  • Chat
  • Forum
  • Meets
  • Events
  • Club

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How to register on fabswingers

Registering on fabswingers is a lengthy process and we will give exact steps on how to register your account fast. You just need to follow images and steps below.

login fabswingers
  1. Step: Click on register and you will see a page as shown above.
  2. Step: Enter the user name you want. Tip: DO not use your real name for security reasons.
  3. step: Enter your Email address.
  4. step: Enter your desired password.
  5. step: choose who you are.
  6. step: Enter your date of birth.
  7. step: Tick the age restriction checkbox and click on create my account.

Step 1 of the registration process on fabswingers.

step 1 fabswingers
  1. step: Enter who you are looking for on the platform.
  2. step: Enter what age you are interested in.
  3. step: check the box if you are alright.
  4. step: check the box what you can do.
  5. step: Enter your county and click on save and continue.

Choose your county by dropbox menu.

Step 2 of the registration process on fabswingers.

step 2 fabswingers
  1. step: Enter your country and region.
  2. step: Enter your area code.
  3. step: Enter your town name.
  4. step: Enter your first name.
  5. step: Enter your date of birth.
  6. step: Enter your height and body type.
  7. step: Tell about your tattoos and piercings.
  8. step: Enter your habits.
  9. step: click on save and continue.

Step 3 of the registration process on fabswingers.

login fabswingers
  1. step: Enter your profile tag which is like a short description of why you are on fabswingers.
  2. step: Enter your profile text which shows about of your profile. Tip: Enter this with some efforts as all of your matches depends upon this.
  3. step: Click on checkbox your interest you can click as much as you want.
  4. step: Click on save and continue.

Final Step of the registration process on fabswingers.

regiter on fabswingers
  1. step: You need to photo verify yourself before you complete the registration process.

After verifying your photo keep refreshing the page till your fabswingers account to get verified.

CONGRATULATIONS your free fabswingers account is created !!


Fabswingers currently don’t have any app on play store of android and AppStore of iPhone.

The only way to access fabswinger on a mobile device is through their website on a good browser.

Social media


Fabswingers is very active on their Twitter account. They joined Twitter on March 2009 by the name and username as Fabswingers and currently, they have more than 34.1k followers and 500 posts as on august 2019.


In 2011 they launched websites for only singles by the name of fab and they also have site limited for MENS which they launched in 2010 by the name of fab guys.

How to be safe on fabswingers?:

  • Keep your phone number secret and don’t pass it to everyone.
  • Try not to travel by transport. Avoid using their transport and use your own means of transport.
  • Don’t go to a strangers place or address without even knowing about person and place. Try meeting at a public place which has a crowd and is open. Example A Resturant, Mall etc.
  • Tell your loved and trusted ones which place you are going and whom you are going to meet.
  • Avoid giving strangers your residential address and inviting them to your place.

Can you delete your profile?

Yes, you can delete the profile completely from the portal by going to the remove account page and then deleting your account.

Can you recover a deleted account?

NO, if someone or you have removed or deleted your account then it can’t be recovered. You just have to make a new account .

Is fabswingers good?

Yes from my personal experience I felt fabswingers is a very good way to find genuine people in a short span of time. The audience on fab swingers is good from different sites and you get people of your interest throughout the day. I think it is worth a try.

From where you can access fabswingers?

You can currently access fabswingers from Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zeland, UK and US. But they are trying their best to expand throughout the globe.

Our review about fabswingers:

According to our experience, we found fabswingers easy to use the website have all the features a dating site would need or a user could Imagine. We got a chance to talk some really awesome people on fabswingers. We didn’t encounter any fake profile on the website.

The chat and call feature works just perfectly fine. Experience on mobile was also pretty good as the mobile website is designed accordingly. We suggest you to definitely try this dating site maybe you can find your better half here and if not you can definitely get your desired fulfilled.

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