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Dil Chahta hai watch full movie online in HD, 720p, 1080p on wordfree4u and khatrimaza. The movie is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu. Dil Chahta hai 300 MB movie download online. Dil Chahta hai is the first film which is directed and written by Farhan Akhtar. The movie is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani. The movie focuses on a major period of transition in the lives of three young friends. Dil Chahta hai movie change the idiom of Bollywood friendships forever.

dil chahta hai full movie
dil chahta hai full movie

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Dil chahta hai cast

Preity Zinta as Shalini

Aamir Khan as Akash Malhotra

Saif Ali Khan as Sameer Mulchandani

Akshaye Khanna as Siddharth Sinha

Dimple Kapadia as Tara Jaiswal

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About the movie

Dil Chahta hai movie released on 10 August 2001 and makes a box office of estimate 450 million which is very good. The movie won the National Film Award for the Best Feature Film in Hindi in 2001. Dil Chahta Hai movie is truly be regarded as the game-changer for the mainstream of the Hindi cinema. The lyrics of the movie are written by Javed Akhtar and all the music is composed by Shankar Ehsaan Loy.

The IMDB rating of the movie is 8.2 out of 10 which is really good in Bollywood. The character of the movie is also awesome. Aamir Khan, saif Ali Khan, Akshay Khanna played a great role in their character.

Story of dil chahta hai cast

Dil Chahta Hai is the story of three friends – Akash, Sameer and Siddharth who are best friends in college. These three friends have the same thinking and lifestyle but they prove to be three different individuals. Akash is a fun-loving person and non-believer in love. Siddharth is the more serious of the trio. He is sensitive, understanding, caring … in short, he is the perfect man for any girl.

Later on, Sameer’s parents are trying to arrange his marriage with pooja. She is a family friend’s daughter. Sameer falls in love with her at first sight but he hesitates to tell her. But when he knows that pooja is in a relationship, he has to content himself by building just friendship. On the other hand, Siddharth fall in love with a much older woman Tara. Tara is the type of woman who has been unsuccessful in keeping her marriage, she slightly alcoholic and also a divorcee. This causes a rift between both and they to go their separate ways.

Akash go to Sydney for his family business. He met Shalini at the plan and apologize for his prank at the graduation party. He asks Shalini to show him the new city. On the other side, Sameer ask pooja for out. Also, Siddharth’s mother try to breach the subject of the marriage with him, only to find about his hidden feelings for tara. Then, tara hears this conversation and she is disappointed with Siddharth and asks him to leave.

End of the story

Later on, in Sydney, Shalini and Akash visit the opera for the performance. She intends him to start believing in love. Then, she came to India to marry Rohit her fiances. When Akash was alone, he calls Siddharth mistakenly and when he realized his mistake he breaks down in tears. On the other side, Akash father’s told him to come back home. On the eve of Shalini’s wedding Akash came there and propose her. After this, Rohit’s father has a private conversation with Shalini to make sense of the turn of events. When he finds out Shalini’s reason for marrying Rohit, he asks her to marry Akash as he does not want their son to be involved in a forced marriage out of a false sense of debt.

In the present day, Siddharth has rushed tara to the hospital for liver cirrhosis and he waits there for an update on her condition. Akash drops by to reconcile with Siddharth, only minutes before tara dies. In her final conversation with Siddharth, she encourages him to stay happy and accepts that they shared a special relationship. Months later, the three friends return for a trip to Goa, this time he was accompanied by Shalini and Pooja. When they do a picnic together, Siddharth sees a girl at a distance, smiles and begins walking toward her. At last, it was implied that he has gotten together with her and has finally moved on.

That was the story all about. Also, the movie has amazing songs that were very popular. Dil Chahta hai is truly an enduring film as it is a mix of humour, emotion, sincerity and wisdom. It is the complete package of comedy and drama. It is the movie that changes the idiom of Bollywood friendships forever.

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