Airlift full movie leaked by Tamilrockers online.

Tamilrocker leaked Airlift movie online in HD. The movie got pirated very soon it was not even down from movie theatres Airlift was all over the internet.

Airlift movie released on 21 January 2016 in Dubai and on 22 January 2016 in India. Airlift is a historically dramatic movie of the Bollywood. The director of the movie airlift was Radha Krishna Menon. Airlift movie is written by, Raja Krishna Menon, Suresh Nair, Rahul Nangia, Ritesh Shah.

Airlift full movie leaked by Tamilrockers online.
Airlift full movie leaked by Tamilrockers online.

The main cast of Airlift leaked by Tamilrockers.

  • Akshay Kumar 
  • Nimrat Kaur 
  • Inaamulhaq 
  • Avtar Gill 
  • Feryna Wazheir 
  • Purab Kohli 
  • Prakash Belawadi 
  • Pawan Chopra 
  • Lena 
  • Kumud Mishra 
  • Arun Bali
  • Ninad Kamat 
  • Nissar Khan 
  • Kaizaad Kotwal 
  • Gunjan Malhotra 
  • Surendra Pal 

 About the movie Airlift Leaked by Todaypk

The movie airlift is based on the 1990 airlift of Indians from Kuwait. Airlift movie made with a budget of Rs 30 crore. And made the box office of Rs 231 crore. which was huge in comparison to the budget of the movie. The film won for its background score and acting, notably one Zee Cine Award and one National Film Award.

The running time of the movie is 130 minutes i.e 2 hours 10 minutes. The IMDB rating of the movie airlift was 8.1 out 10 which was good. Also, Bollywood Hungama gave the film four and a half stars out of five.  The movie airlift is surely one of the best movie in 2016. Airlift movie is mostly liked by everyone. One of the songs of the movie airlift is the big hit which was “soch na sake”.

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About the story

The movie airlift starts In 1990 when Indian businessman Ranjit Katyal (played by Akshay Kumar) is a successful Kuwait-based businessman. who is very well-connected with officials in Kuwait.  Also, lived happily with his wife Amrita (played by Nimrat Kaur) and their daughter Simu. like, He calls himself a Kuwaiti and is often mocking towards Indians. one night of partying, Ranjit gets up a phone call from one of his friends. later, get to know the word that negotiations between Iraq and Kuwait have collapsed, and Iraqi troops have begun their invasion of Kuwait.

Iraq be under an obligation of a large debt to Kuwait after the Iran–Iraq. So, that Iraq can stabilize its economy. But, Kuwait refused and they began slant-drilling into Iraqi oil fields, Saddam ordered the attack. Meanwhile, Ranjit get to know that Kuwait is now mostly overrun by the Iraqi Army. Ranjit and Nair and his driver went to indian embassy to make a try of leaving Kuwait as it is not safe.

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Mid-phase of the movie

Iraqi soldiers stop them at a checkpoint and Nair is shot dead. where he meets Iraqi Republican Guard officer Major Khalaf bin Zayd (played by Inaamulhaq). who tells to renjit that he was the one who pulled up to the checkpoint earlier and prevented Ranjit from any harm. Major Khalaf, who knows Ranjit ensures that Ranjit and his family safely move ours from kuwait.

Then, Ranjit goes to the Indian embassy where he learns that the Kuwaiti government has fled into exile. Also, Ranjit’s mansion is raided by Iraqi soldiers. Later, Ranjit starts working with his friend but, Ranjit who ordinarily would have just looked out for himself appears to have a change of heart. Then, He decides to stay and help the other Indians leave Kuwait.

End of the story

Later, Ranjit learns that the Indian embassy in Kuwait has been evacuated and phones the Indian External Affairs Ministry in New Delhi. In Delhi, he meets the Joint Secretary, Sanjiv Kohli (played by Kumud Mishra).And, he asks for arrangements to be made for the evacuation. Meanwhile, the camp is looted by Iraqi soldiers and harassed some of the refugees.

The main problem is that they have no way to do so. After that Ranjit travels to Baghdad to try to negotiate safe passage out of Kuwait. The only left option was, Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz, who is very helpful. He reveals that an Indian merchant ship is due to arrive in Iraq with various supplies. He permits the Indian refugees to leave on the ship. Though, Ranjit later receives news of the UN embargo and that ships are barred from entering or leaving Iraq.

Meanwhile, Kohli is inspired to help Ranjit. Because, as the Indians leave Kuwait, Ranjit comes across yet another checkpoint where he encounters hostile Iraqi soldiers. Skirmish interfaces between Ranjit and the soldiers. Now, The movie ends with Ranjit indicating that he always believed India.

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